Ghanaian musician, Jay Q accuses Selebobo of copyright infringement.

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Ghanaian music producer Jeff Tennyson Quaye a.k.a. Jay Q has accused Nigerian music producer, Udoka Oku, a.k.a Selebobo for using his beat without his permission thus committing a copyright infringement.

Jay Q said that  Selebobo used the horn melodies he earlier created in VIP’s ‘Ahomka Wom’ for his recent song: ‘Take.’

Reports have it that Jay Q decided to make it a legal matter when Selebobo refused to bulge.

The 42-year-old record executive disclosed this information stating that his publishers in South Africa had talks with Selebobo over the issue.

“People sent the song to me. And when I checked, Selebobo had used the trombone melodies that I played in there.

“And so, I contacted my publishers in South Africa and they are in talks,” Jay Q said.

He has also disclosed that he is ready to pursue the case in court and would only back down if Selebobo decides to withdraw the song of share the proceeds from the song on a 50-50 ratio.