Ghanaian Taxi Driver in New York beaten to death by 5 Passengers who refused to pay their fare

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A Ghanaian driver in New York identified as Kutin Gyimah has died after he attacked by 5 passengers he picked up who refused to pay the fare. According to reports, He was hit by one of the passenger where he unfortunately hit his head on a sharp surface.

Its said that he fell unconscious and was later found by passersby. He was then rushed to the St John’s Hospital by Emergency first respondent by he was later pronounced dead on the 13th of August 2022.

Sources c,aim he picked up 5 passengers, three males and two females who wanted to go to Far Rockaway,However the 5 refused to pay and wanted to rob the Ghanaian as well but he put up a fight . He then chased them for his fare as they tried to get away but unfortunately one of them hit him so hard.

Speaking in an interview, a Neighbour said: “Why do you have to attack somebody for no reason? How much really is that Money? You took somebody’s life, C’mon

He sadly left behind a Wife and 4 children. His employee the Big Apple Taxi fleet Management will cover his funeral expenses while the New Yrok state Federation of Taxi Drivers is also offering a reward of $15,000 for information leading to the arrest of the 5 Suspects