Ghanaians in shock as KKD exposed Metro TV Paul Otchere Adom on live TV.

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Ghanaian Designer and Fashionista cum Presenter Kwesi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD has exposed popular Ghanaian Metro TV Journalist Paul Otchere Adom. While speaking with the host of the popular Maakye show, Captain Smart triggered his emotions when he asked KKD how he felt when Paul Otchere disrespected him on his show on Metro TV.

Reacting to this, KKD claim Paul is his younger Brother and that he isnt interested in trading Insults with him. He further stated that although Paul rolls and parties with the Big boys, he isnt one of them and would never be.

He then went on to say that even Dogs barks because of their clothes when a Great personality visits. The barking dog is then locked in its cage where it belongs when the great personality is welcomed.

He then revealed that Paul is not man enough as he failed to protect his marriage when he realized his side piece was all over him. He claim Paul once desperately wanted to attend his Movenpick event which he even attended with his sidechick

He claim even tho he wanted to mind his business, he was very concern as Paul’s wife was like a Sister to him and he wouldnt want to see her hurt