Ghanaians mocks Archbishop Duncan Williams for wearing a face mask to preach after Declaring Coronavirus will not Enter Ghana

Ghanaians have taken to social media to mock Archbishop Duncan William after he declared that Coronavirus will not enter Ghana but was seen in a face mask when he was preaching.

After declaring a 72 hours prayer for the Country so Coronavirus, Ghanaians have taken to Social Media to mock the Bishop for wearing a face mask after his prayers didn’t work.

“And I’m calling for 72-hours prayers beginning from tomorrow (Monday, 9th March 2020) that we will pray to secure our airwaves to secure our borders and our high seas and waters and rivers that the plague will not enter this country, that the virus is not accessing our airwaves, that there will be no loss of life of any Ghanaian home and abroad by the reason of the virus” he said

Days after that, The country recorded it first 2 cases and now the archbishop is forced to wear a face mask during his first sermon after the ban on churches were lifted.

Social Media users have decided to mock the Bishop reminding him of how he prayed against the virus yet the country has recorded more than 9,000

Below are the screenshot



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