Ghanaians React To Video of Captain Smart Hitting His Wife’s Heavy Backside

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Days after resigning form the Multimedia gruop, Captain Smart and many workers of Multimedia have landed a new deal at Angel FM.

Angel FM was launched few hours ago and the venue was flooded with huge number of people including musicians who graced the occassion.

Some media persona who are currently with Angel FM are Oheema Woyeje, Captain Smart, Nana Yaa Brefo, Kwadwo Dickson, Kofi Adoma and many others.

A video from the launch of Angel FM has hit social media that has set it buzzing. The video saw Captain Smart spanking his wife’s huge behind playfully and some Ghanaans got shocked that Captain Smart did that in public. As he spanked her many who stood by screamed out of excitement for seeing playful Captain Smart in such a mood.

Some Ghanaians have also reacted to the video with some condemning him for such an act and some also praising him for being romantic.