Ghanaians reacts to the News of Selly Galley allegedly pregnant

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It seems Ghanaian actress and brand influencer Selly Galley has finally had the last laugh as report reveals that she is pregnant.

A couple of weeks ago, a social media user trended online after she called the actress barren and horror face.

Ghanaians descended heavily on her for the insensitive comment she made. thou she has come out to apologise after Selly Galley cursed her.

A post on Instagram by the actress confirms the pregnancy rumours. she wrote: God, I see what you’re doing with me 😏
You’re a complete show off!
Your timing has always been perfect.
I don’t fellowship frequently, I fall short of just how intensive my prayers should be,
I’ve carried FAITH in you, in my heart, my mind and in my soul. So strongly.
I’ve never doubted you and I’ll never doubt you.
Continue to make me a testimony!
Am all yours.