Gistlover reveals Halima Abubakar is dying slowly after exposing Apostle Johnson Suleman

by - 3 mins

Popular Nigerian Blog Identified as Gist lover on Instagram page has revealed that Nollywood Actress Halima Abubakar is currently suffering after she exposed Nigerian Pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman for making her ill after she allegedly had intimacy with her.

A couple of weeks ago, Gistlover dropped a long list of Nigerian Female celebrities who have allegedly been intimacy with the Apostle and were paid either with expensive cars, expensive vacations, Houses and other material things. Gistlover claim even Ghanaian Slay Queen Moesha Buduong who once went mad under went that humiliating experience because of the Pastor.

Posting a Photo of Sick Halima and several bank transaction of Apostle Suleman to her, Gistlover wrote:

Hello tueh tueh, this Sule oloko Coupon matter is getting out of hand, ever since Halima came out to challenge him na since that day she din dey down, as it is , the thing don get worse, I was not told, I had to call her myself to see situation of things , she can barely talk,it’s her sister handling her page for now , let it be known to the world that if Halima case get words than this I go drop normal blogging I go face Sule squarely , if this is not wickedness tell me what this is , everybody wey come out to testify it’s either Sule sent assasin after them or he attacks them spiritually, the other Nollywood lady way call Sule out , na so so hired assassins threat, she posted all the threats, Have you girls seen what looking for money with your body can cause , this and many more reason is why all these Nollywood girls are scared to expose him, but I tell you this for free, this is your end Sule , and for you Shan George , you praise Sule in public but go in private to tell him if anything happens to you, you will bring down the roof of his church, you can’t stand for the truth and save another woman but you care about yourself , all those doubting Thomas werey wey dey say Sule and Halima no date , here is Halima bank details of how Sule use to send money, now all the money she don use am take cure this sickness yet the sickness no go , the whole world needs to know the truth about Sule , all his werey revival wry he wan do for Kenya and all, I need to post the details so Kenya people can pursue him, he is a devil hiding under Gods name , please stay active on our telegram and TikTok, I am dropping details of the 14yrs old girl wey pastor Johnson molest on telegram as and TikTok, I will also drop the video of this bank transaction as its not too clear on Instagram , also, more voice notes will drop, to follow us on telegram and TikTok,check our status story, you will see the links there , Aye Johnson ma baje ni, iku Oro ni Johnson maku, those wey dey eat for Johnson restaurant , get ready, I will reveal some things to y’all soon , how Joshson’s wife sister mysteriously died under them , how two workers died and they kept hiding it, the mad woman wey come pulp