God Will Judge Church Members Who Prosper But Don’t Take Care of Their Pastors-Agyin Asare Points

Famous Ghanaian Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has boldly stated that God will judge church members who prosper but refuses to take good care of their pastors.

Speaking to his congregation on Sunday 21st March 2021 the man of God encouraged members to reward their pastors according to their material wealth or asset blessed them by God as a result of his interceding prayers for them.

He stressed that some church members started church when they had just one car or house but today they have multiple assets hence it’s not out of place to say ‘My prophet this is yours’.

The help he want from church members he says “must affect his salary, home, clothing, and children’s education. Sowing financial seeds in the life of your man of God prepares you for your harvest”.

“If you don’t communicate material things into the life of your man of God you are deceiving yourself and mocking God”, he added.

He made this controversial statement while teaching in his Church, Perez Chapel at Dzorwulu.



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