God’s Grace Doesn’t Cover Lazy People-To Richard Mofe-Damijo

Veteran Nigerian actor, Ricahard Mofe-Damijo has disclosed via his Instagram handle that God’s grace doesn’t cover lazy people.

In his post he stated that many people in today’s world do not want to work hard but only sit and surf the internet while poking their noses in people’s personal matters with a mindset that God’s grace will locate the some day.

“Verified INTERVIEWER: So, how did you make it this far? ME: Grace… Exceptional Grace INTERVIEWER: Okay… but not the answer I was hoping for…. ME: Dedication? Discipline? INTERVIEWER: (Disapproving Stare) ME: Working Hard, Working Smart and being deliberate…. being intentional…. INTERVIEWER: Finally… ME: Wait, why? Aren’t those given? Aren’t they regular actions? INTERVIEWER: Not anymore. Not with this generation where people spend most of their day randomly scrolling through social media looking for gossips and meaningless trends to jump on while waiting for God’s grace to magically leave tens of millions on a road path for them to find… ME: … I see what you mean. Grace can only adorn effort, deliberate, intentional effort… INTERVIEWER: Precisely!!!”.

He believes that although there is God’s grace, it takes effort for certain things to be made manifest.


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