“Gowon Looted Half of The Central Bank!” UK Parliament ‘Exposes’ Gowon- See Video.

The United Kingdom parliament has ‘exposed’ former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon for allegedly looting half of the funds in the Central Bank of Nigeria to London in the 70s.

This was disclosed by a parliamentarian while they were debating the human rights violation of the #EndSARS protesters. According to them,

The parliamentarian said;

“We need to call out the corruption, we need to  use the powers she have in this country to stop those who are profiting from the wealth of that great nation and hiding it hear.

“Now some people will remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half of the Central Bank, so it is said and moved to London.”

This revealtion has sparked comments from millions of Nigerians has most of them have taken to social media to express shock. Some have even said that Gowon has been behaving like someone who was incorruptible without them knowing that he wasn’t. Currently on Nigerian Twitter the hashtag ‘#GowonAndHalf ofCBN’ and ‘Gowon’ are trending.

Nigerians reacted;

@flexdada wrote; “They said General Gowon moved half of Central Bank of Nigeria money and hid in London. The same Gowon that has become a saint overnight, the same Gowon that has turned himself to Pope and keep praying for the country at any given time? Same Gowon that has been telling us to pray?

@DrOluwafunmilayo wrote; “A govt official in UK Parliament just stated today in their session that they all know that Yakubu Gowon stole half the central bank of Nigeria and took it to London.These are the clowns we were taught in schools to see as “heroes”.Thieves. Rogues. The actual real hoodlums.”

@Oc_godsgift wrote; “So UK MP mean to tell us that while Civil war was ongoing, people were being killed demanding for their betterment in Nigeria, the supposed One Nigeria advocate was busy looting and halving CBN to UK and also received support from them against the Igbos.”

See video/reactions below;

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