Hailey Beiber pens down emotional Message to her Husband, Justin Beiber as he celebrates his Birthday

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been officially married for months now and the two are going on strong and well. Justin does not miss a chance to express his never-ending love for his model wife.

Justin and Hailey got married last year September after postponing their marriage for two whole times— three as a charm actually did work for them.

The Canadian act and the model got married in a simple wedding, a very private and intimate ceremony with few friends and family members and every day since their marriage has been like a honeymoon morning.

Justin turned 26 yesterday 1st March and Mrs took to her Instagram page to assure him of her love and how thankful she is for all the smiles he brings her.

They are truly deserving of each other and all we wish them is the best things that life has to offer