“Have you forgotten who introduced you to Dr Kwaku Oteng and how you got your ambassadorial deal” Guru’s former Manager questions Kuami Eugene

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The General Manager of B Magic Empire, Ray Moni has advises Ghanaian Artist Kuami Eugene not to look down on any artist who has thrived in the Music Industry before.

His statement comes after Kuami Eugene disrespected his colleague artist Guru who wanted a collaboration with him. According to Kuami Eugene, Guru disrespected his manager Richie therefore he refused to collaborate with someone who insulted his manager

A lot of people have called for Kuami Eugene to apologise for his choice of Words since they claim its disrespectful. Ray Moni is the former Manager of Guru and in a post on facebook told Kuami Eugene not to forget the support and sacrifices other have made for him.

He wrote:

It’s just unfortunate that such a disparaging thing is emanating from an artist like you Kuami Eugene. You can be disrespectful but not to this extent. If you are in your prime today , it doesn’t give you the impetus to denigrate a pace setter like Guru. Have you forgotten who introduced you to Dr. Kwaku Oteng? It was through me that you got that ambassadorial deal. The betterment of the industry is what we all crave for that’s the reason – like the way Guru admired your craft and wanted to collaborate with you, that’s the same way I also helped you to bag that ambassadorial deal.In as much as you want to make headlines, you should always show some level of decorous when ever you get the opportunity to vibe about people who have toiled vehemently to give life to the industry which has preempted you to also exhibit your talent