“Have You Spoken To Your Husband On This Pointless Course You Are On, Louisa?” OB Amponsah reacts to Louisa Laryea’s post

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Award winning comedian OB Amponsah has reacted to Louisa Laryea’s insult hurled at him. The lady in question is the wife of the renowned journalist Israel Laryea who works with multimedia as a Program host, Editor and Broadcast Journalist.

Israel Laryea shared his experience after battling with COVID-19 on social media some months ago with which many Ghanaians sympathized with him. However OB Amponsah the comedian on his ‘Popular But Broke’ show, made a joke out of Israel Laryea’s COVID-19 testimony which got many laughing except Louisa Laryea.

Wife of Israel Laryea took to her facebook page and insulted OB Amponsah calling him a STUP!D Miserable Local Comedian who was brought up badly. Aside the insults, she threatens to go ‘Will Smith’ on him if he continues his nonsensical course. This same lady was the lover of humor some time ago but what has turned her against humor now? Well, her post for now has been receiving many reactions which OB Amponsah happens to be one of them.

The comedian made it known that prior to the post, Louisa called him to warn him on phone. He continued that he is very shock Louisa is behaving that way over a mere joke.

Below is what he wrote…

“Louisa Laryea called me on phone to berate me for making this observations about her hubby Israel Laryea during my Popular But Broke set. She’s also taken to her Facebook wall to call me names and claims she will go Will Smith me next time she sees me.

I’m still befuddled at how she understood this simple observation.Have you spoken to your husband about this pointless course you are on,Louisa?”