“He knew I was drunk, Yet he forced it into my mouth, went out to party after leaving me unconscious” Lady who accused Thomas Partey of r@pe drops several alleged evidence including chats

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News of rape allegation against Ghanaian Midfielder Thomas Partey made news month ago

The lady at the center of it all has dropped several chats on her Twitter

On twitter she accused the Midfielder of being a serial rapist and that she is angry he is getting away with the charges against him

Her post has since made several headlines on the internet with some wondering what Thomas’s fate is going to be now

Ghanaian Midfielder Thomas Partey seems to be in a lot of trouble this time around as the lady who accused him of rape has dropped several tweet and evidence backing her claim.

She claim she has been quite all this time because she believed she will get justice however she just heard that he might not be prosecuted after all making her angry.

Below are her series of tweet.