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Homeless Man Calls Liverpool Star ‘Mohamed Salah’ A Real-Life Hero After He Stepped In To Prevent Thugs From Abusing Him

Reports currently gathered from the world of football indicates that Mohammed Salah who plays for Liverpool FC has been hailed by a homeless man for being a real hero outside the pitch. Apparently, the homeless lived near Anfield, the actual home stadium for the Liverpool FC.

Somewhere last month, Mohammed Salah pulled up at a petrol station and realized that David Craig, a homeless man, was being harassed verbally by a small group of people. Report has it that Mohammed Salah intervened on behalf of the homeless man and warned the abusers to quit their abuse. He further told the abusers they could also be abused one day if they don’t put a stop to their behavior. He later surprised the homeless man by giving him 100 pounds which was all caught on camera.

David Craig who happens to be the homeless man has finally come out to pay his respect to Mo Salah for coming to his aid when many people wouldn’t have. David Craig disclosed that he has been homeless for the past 6 years after falling out with his beloved family. This is what he had to say;

“Mo was every bit as wonderful as he is for liverpool on the pitch. He heard what a group of lads were saying to me, then turned to them and said, ‘ That could be you in a hew years’. I only knew I wasn’t hallucinating when Mo incredibly handed me 100 pounds. What a complete legend.”

”They were calling me names, asking why I was begging and telling me to get a job. He saw what was happening and said something to them and he went to the cash machine. I was more than chuffed. I’m a massive fan. Mo is a real-life hero in my eyes and I want to thank him”.



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