Hon Aponkye buys brand-new V8 watch for just GHC25

Regardless of Nana Adabor Ibrahim Issah Ampim popularly known as Hon. Aponkye losing shamefully in the assemblyman race, he is still trending on social media for hilarious reasons.

He made so many promises to his constituents before the elections were held and most of his social media fans thought he will win hands down but he shockingly lost the election to Abdul Rashid who polled 1,056 of the total votes casted.

his constituent was Adukrom Nima in the Ashanti Region.

Hon. Aponkye is still enjoying the publicity he had due to his weird promise of providig free breakfast fo his constituent if voted in office and has revealed that due to his popularity he has been able to buy a wrist watch for Ghs25 instead of the initial plan of Ghs40.00.

Nana Aba shared on social media a conversation between she and Aponkye which goes; Me: Aponkye, I like your watch

Aponkye: thanks. Its V8 It’s expensive paa.

Me: how much?

Aponkye: 40 cedis but they reduce to 25 for me because I’m now popular.

The post has since gone viral with twitter users reacting hilariously to the V8 watch

Below is the image of the watch:

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