Hopes Go High As A Cure To Baldness Have Been Found, People With It Can Now Grow Their Hair

Report by daily mail has it that baldness can be cured according to a research that was done conducted lately on Stem cells and how it can help grow hair.

The report say, a solution is been created out of stem cells that is taken from fat tissues which has been shown to trigger hair regrowth in people with baldness.

The researchers involved in the research are from the Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, South Korea and they have admitted that baldness is usually affect about 50 percent of men and sometimes same percent for women.

Photo source:Daily Mail

After using 38 patients with the condition out of which 29 were man and 9 were women as a sample for testing how the solution works, it appeared that after 16 weeks, a significant hair growth was found. This new solution came into being after the scientists found connective fat tissue let off growth hormones that help cells develop. 

After careful study and examination of the stem cell, they found out it could be used to trigger a number of growth factors and increase the size of hair follicles. Finally this new solution will definitely bring joy to many who have lost their hair and have to resort to trimming off the remaining hair they have as well as those who which to grow their hairs again.

If this gets accepted by necessary authorities some women who now wear more wig caps because of baldness would have the privilege to enjoy fresh air that will blow their hair.

Source: Daily Mail

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