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How to chop a girl without proposing – Young man reveals

According to a Facebook user identified as Adjei Kofi Donald, below is “How to chop without proposing”.

In my opinion, this is very funny, a pure joke. Even girls in typical villages would not fall for this in this 21st century of ours. LOL

Step 1. Start joking with her

Step 2. Continue joking with her

Step 3. stop joking all of a sudden.
She will now say to you ” of late u come top paaa oo, u don’t even mind me again” this should be your reply” you ladies of today when they are playing with you, you don’t want to respect” she would be like “awwww what have I done”. When she says that just know that the strategy is working.

Step 4. start joking with her again.
When cracking jokes, never say anything reasonable, I repeat don’t say anything reasonable. Keep cracking jokes about Tonga and koti

Step 5. Start touching her when cracking jokes. Make jokes like; “your form come paaa oo who is updating your antivirus” when she says nobody just know that you are almost there.

6. By this time she really likes your company cos you make her laugh always, intensify the naughty jokes.

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7. Flirt with her, invite her for outing and use this secret code during the process “hmm when I tell you my story you won’t believe, but am always happy and I want people around me to also be happy” she would now become curious.
Just invent a sad story and tell her.

8. She is now interested. Use your sense from now on, am tired abeg. U like awuf too much





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