How to use Rice Water for massive hair growth

by - 2 mins

Women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia have used rice water as a hair treatment for centuries. But does rice water have any scientifically proven beauty benefits? Rice water is the starchy water left over after rice is cooked or left to soak. It is thought to make the hair smooth and shiny, as well as help it grow faster. This article looks at the beauty benefits of rice water hair treatments and whether scientific research backs up the purported results.

Rice water Includes

Amino Acids

B Vitamins

Vitamin E



Below are some advantages of Rice water:

De tangles the hair

Makes hair smoother

Increases shine

Makes hair stronger

Makes hair grow long

There are so many ways of making Rice Water, either by soaking or Boiling. Get a clean bowl, pour in some dry rice grains, add water and soak it for either a few hours or a day or two or you can just boil it. After strain and keep the water, get a clean spray bottle and pour the water into it. Before you wash your hair just spray it unto your scalp, massage and leave it in for 5 – 10 minutes before you wash it off and condition your hair.

Do this twice a week and get a better result in a month.