“Hushpuppi isnt Smart” Thousands of Nigerian reacts as FBI drops Official Video of how they Tracked Hushpuppi through Social Media

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally released an official video of how they arrested Popular Internet Fraudster Hushpuppi especially through his post on Instagram.

According to FBI, they have been monitoring the affairs and expensive Lifestyle of the fraudster for months.He lavishly spends and Live, buy expensive cloths and flaunt them on social media, this made the FBI get interested in his private life.

In the video they claim that after months of monitoring and Investigations, they realized that his source of money was questionable so they decided to dig deep into his affairs.

They claim they tracked him using his Instagram email and Phone Number and found out that he real name was Ramoni Igbalode. The United Arab Emirates also cooperated with the FBI, which helped them monitor the Fraudster and his crew and eventually Nailed them.

According to the FBI, they seized 13 luxurious Cars valued at $6.8 Million and then even $41 Million was retrieved from their hotel room where they were lodging.

Watch Video Below

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