I Almost Converted To Islam Because Christians Are Highly Hypocritical – Yaw Berk

Up and coming Ghanaian artist, Yaw Berk says Christians are hypocrite who only pretend to care about others and the church but in reality they don’t.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghana Weekend, he revealed that he almost converted to Islam since Muslims are more sincere as compared to Christians.

To him most Christians do not practice what they always preach and even described the as wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“I almost converted to Islam because I felt like Christians sometimes, the hypocrisy be bunch,” he said.

“I grew up in a Christian home. From my grandmum to my mum, we are all Methodists, so turning a Muslim became difficult,” he added.

Yaw Berk disclosed that he is good at speaking Arabic and wouldn’t be reluctant to convert to Islam if he feels right about it.

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