I am broke, Send me Money I will take it – Legendary Ghanaian Artist Tinny makes public Appeal

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Ghanaian Legendary Musician Tinny has revealed during an Interview that He is broke and is willing to accept any amount from the Public. The Legendary Musician came under attack after he dissed his fellow colleague Stonebowy for paying off a debt he owed.

Social medias users called him out to apologise to Stonebwoy who did nothing but only had good intentions for Tinny and also called about the reputation of the Legendary Musician. Tinny called Stonebowy a Fool claiming he never asked him to pay his debt.

He claim Stonebowy should have called him before he paid the debt because Netizens might think he Tinny is broke and cannot even pay off his debt. During the Interview he apologized to stonebwoy and then revealed that he is broke therefore anyone who wants to send him money is gladly welcomed