I Boil Weed And Drink, I Don’t Smoke It-Ohemaa Woyeje Shockingly Reveals

Unlike the popular way of taking weed, Ohemaa Woyeje born Harey Adwoa Yeboah Asuama Kusi has invented a new way of taking the herb.

According to her in an interview on ‘The Delay’ show she boils the herb and drink it instead of smoking it like its popularly known.

The popular mid morning show hos disclosed that she fell in love with the herbs when she visited Netherlands.

“I love the scenery and I am pushed to buy some roles, I don’t smoke them anyways, I only carry them on me whiles I am there,” she stated.

“I boil the substance in warm water and I consume it before I leave Netherlands,” she added.

This revelation about the broadcast journalist is quiet surprising.

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