I broke up with Revloe because he didn’t know how to communicate – Efia Odo

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Efia Odo has shared an insight into what caused her famous relationship to fall apart.

The Ghanaian actress, who studied Clinical Psychology, in an American university, dated one Kwaku Revloe, and their relationship became popular, following how they flaunted their love affairs on social media.

The lovers, however, broke up after some few months into their affairs and Efia in a new interview says, she believes their fallout will have to do with Kwaku’s inability to communicate effectively in the relationship.

“For him, he doesn’t how to communicate, I am sure that is one of the problems and that was one of the problems we faced. If I am doing something that you don’t like, you have to tell me”. Efia told Abeiku Santana on UTV’s “Atuu” show.

The actress made the comments to explain that she didn’t break up with Revloe because he has four children with different. Efia emphasized that their split had to do with their different lifestyles and poor communication.

“Me I have been this way all my life and I am now coming to enter into another person’s life. Maybe the things I do he doesn’t like and he hasn’t told me” she said in the interview monitored. However, she added that “He is a great guy, I will never sit somewhere and say he has been bad to me”.

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