I Dash Out My Old Cars Whenever I’m Tired of Using Them-Guru Brags

Cars are assests which are had to come by because one would have to accumulate huge sums of money in purchaing one but on Ghanaian rapper doesn’t seem to face any difficulties in the purchase.

Ghanaian rapper Guru has disclosed that he usually dash out his old cars when he is tired of using them then subsequently get a new one.

In an interview with Zionfelix, Guru who seems to be blowing his trumpet stated that whenever he buys a new car he gives out the old ones to people who do not have.

” As for me when I use a car for a long time and I get tired of it, I dash it out to people who need it more. All the people I gave the car too are men”, he disclosed.

This may sound weird to some people but it could be the hard truth.

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