I Don’t Blame Those Boys For The Murder Of That Innocent Child, I Blame The Government For Failing To Protect Those Kids – Says Ibrah One

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Self acclaimed seer, Ibrahim Daouda, popularly known as Ibrah One has taken to social media to disclose that Ghana is now a complete Banana Republic.

According to Ibrah One, a Ghanaian movie was banned with the excuse that it will incite some Ghanaians to go after politicians adding that, blood money rituals accompanied with its commercials are being shown on TV and played at some various radio stations.

According to Ibrah One, there are no leaders since these things have been allowed to be shown on Tv. He also added that there is no way he will blame the boys for murdering the 10-year-old at Kasoa for rituals but rather put the blame on Government for failing to protect children.

This is what he had to say;

”Ghana is now a complete Banana Republic; A movie was banned with the excuse that, it will incite the public to go after politicians yet blood money rituals commercials are being aired on our television and radio stations every day and we still think we have leaders. I don’t blame those boys for the murder of that innocent child, I blame the government for failing to protect those kids.#Ibrahone”

Checkout his post below;