“I dont listen to your songs because it only promote Prostitution” Prophet Kumchacha blast Wendy Shay

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The founder and Leader of Heaven Gate Ministries Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known in the Industry as Kumchacha claim he has refused to listen to any song by the Ruff town Records Wendy Shay.

According to his reason, he claim Wendy Shay’s song only promote Prostitution. He claim a song is supposed to make sense and have a positive impact but Wendy Shay’s song only depicts sexual stuffs.

“someone who sings and says a whole Nana Addo p3 hw3 an things, you have to be fast and get the promotional aspect of her song, It does nothing meaningful than to promote Prostitution”

Lastly he said: “The truth is one, dont open your mouth, she sings to encourage prostitution among this kind of Generation “