I don’t mind going Nudε in My Music Videos – eShun

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Singer eShun has stated that an artiste going nude or going half-naked in videos and/or on stage is sometimes inevitable.

“It depends on the song. You cannot sing ‘I’m in the bedroom, I’m all half-naked’ and be fully dressed,” she told Merqury Quaye on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

She stated that although an artiste should not be nude all the time, sometimes the circumstances cannot be helped.

Her comments come after many female singers and music vixens have been criticised for going nude in music videos and/or photoshoots.

Nudity, some industry players have said, is having a negative influence on the youth. Others said the singer and video vixens go overboard with their choice of clothing explaining they wear skimpy clothes even when they do not have to.

Joining in the argument, Santokh Singh, Managing Director of Multi TV, has said no video with nudity would be entertained on on any of the Multimedia channels.

The ‘Someone Loves Me’ hitmaker who has not gone nude or half-naked in any of her videos said many fans have been wondering why she is not toeing the line of her colleagues.

“Since I started my career people ask me why I don’t show skin but I say it’s not my style,” she stated.

She, however, added that when the circumstances call for it she may not necessarily stay way from nudity but find ways to do it moderately.

“If you are singing a song that says ‘I am sexy’, you have to act it. That’s what musicians do,” eShun added.