I Don’t React To Controversies; Only A Stupid Man Goes Around Trying To Prove A Point To The World — Singer Wizkid

Many singers and celebrities react to controversies in their bi to explain themselves but Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun, better known as Wizkid, has said the he doesn’t react to controversies.

In an interview he revealed why he never reacts to controversies.

Speaking with ‘ThisDay Style’, the father of three said, “Only a stupid man will go around trying to prove a point to the world and even at that, you’ll find that you can’t please everyone, that you cannot live off of people’s opinions. 

I think once you understand yourself and your true essence, nothing will faze you, people’s opinions won’t faze you. I’m just more of a private person, and I handle situations in that manner,” he further said.

The above clearly shows that Wizkid won’t be reacting to any controversy no matter how serious it may be.



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