“I had to double my hustle in other to be rich and comfortable” Alex Ekubo replies Uche Maduagwu over “Yahoo Yahoo tag”

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Nigerian Actor Alex Ekubo has revealed how he disciplined himself to attain the height that he currently is. The Actor a couple of days ago, displayed his new house on social media to his fans and followers.

According to him, he started his hustle just to be comfortable in line but he found that in order for him to be comfortable he has to be rich which wasnt going to be easy. He claim that was when he realized he had to double his hustle in order to attain that comfort ability.

On Instagram he wrote:

When I started this hustle, all I wanted to do was be comfortable, I wasn’t thinking about been rich.
I later found out the hard way that to be comfortable I needed to be rich. 😩
So I had to double my hustle