“I have no problem if men play my daughters gala, They have sweet and Juicy Vjayjay” – Maa Linda

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It seems controversial Tiktok Linda Osei is currently in trouble after she body shamed Ghanaian Actress Vivian Jill .It seems this time Netizens are angry with her for supporting Adu Safowaa body shaming Vivian as being the reason Tracey Boakye’s husband didnt marry after dating her for so many years.

It could be recalled that Linda during a Live on her Tiktok account cried her eyes out after a Tiktok user insulted and threatened her children. This time social media users claim Linda Osei’s daughters are Prostitutes as they sleep with just anything in trousers in Kumasi, a Suburb in Ashanti Region.

However it seems this insult does not bother Linda as she claim she is very proud of her daughters and what they are doing, She claim the only thing that will make her sad and hurt is hearing that her daughter are beggars on the street.

She claim she and her daughter have very nice and juicy vajayjay hence they are even doing people a favour by allowing them have a taste.