“I have put all my money in the bank, I will use it when I become a Slaybrity” Nakeeyat – Video

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TV3 talented Kids season 10 winner Nakeeyat has revealed during an Interview with Delay that she is now a slaybrity and for that matter she has put all the money which was given to her by TV3 when she won the show in the bank which she will later use it to slay when the time is right.

In the interview she revealed that the organizers of the show gave her GHc100,000 which is the grand price when she won and other consumable product.

When she was asked what where the money was and what she intend using it for, she revealed that it is is in the bank and when she is off leagal age she will use it to slay ie buy wigs, shoes and dresses.

Watch video below