“I have trackers in all the cars of Akufo Addo and John Mahama because I am an investigator not a seer” Ibrah One

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Self Acclaimed seer and self made Billionaire Ibrah one has dropped a shocking revelation and this time we think the President or Ghana Police will investigate him.

Ibrah One is know for dropping doom Prophesies about certain politicians and certain things he claim will happen very very soon.

Ibrah One claim He is always part of the convey that takes President Akufo Addo or The former President John Mahama anywhere they want to go

According to him, on the Independence day celebration in Niger, He claim he was in the same hotel thats Radison blue hotel with the President Of Ghana, Nana Addo. He also revealed that he has trackers in the convoys of the Nana Addo and John Mahama because he Ibrah One is an Investigator and not a seer as it been circulated