I Lost My Mum When I Was Just 1 Year Old- Bullet Details His Real Life Story

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Bullet in a recent interview with Andy Dosty on Showbiz Review as monitored by Pinaxonline.com made soo many revelations.

Speaking with Andy Dosty, Bullet revealed that his mum died when he was just 1 year old and grew up as an orphan all because his father never accepted him.

This is what he had to say “ My mum died died when i was 1 year and i grew up as an orphan and my father never accepted me so i had no option than to live with my fathers auntie until she became a fetish priest. So my fathers mother had to come for me finally”.

In response to his critics who criticize him, this is what he has for them- My critics do not know what i have gone through so i don’t blame them when they criticize me.

I can’t make all the revelations because i might be called by the police. I have slept in the ghetto with no food and i had to walk all the way from Barrier SCC to Sakaman after surgery just to meet Bola Ray for my feeding money, Bullet revealed.

He further went on to say that he is never afraid of death because death is inevitable and that he has been through a lot. I have released over 5 albums being an underground artist and it has not been easy.