“I Thought Buhari Said ‘I Belong To Everybody And Belong To Nobody?” Reno Omokri Gives President Buhari Hard Knocks For The ‘Special’ Treatment Of Killer Herdsmen- See Screenshots.

Reno Omokri has breathed fire upon the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration over the preferential treatment given to Fulani Herdsmen despite incessant killings and kidnapping.

Omokri who calls himself ‘Buhari Tormentor’ has condemned the fact that the presidency told the Fulani herdsmen not to vacate the forests in Oyo and Ondo despite seven-day ultimatum issued by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and activist, Sunday Igboho.

According to the former presidential aide, he wonders why Miyetti Allah and the herdsmen are not dragging for Sambisa Forest instead they are dragging for the forest in the South West.

In series of tweets on Sunday, January 24, Omokri seriously berated the Buhari-led government and said that if a State of Emergency is declared in Ondo and Oyo State then he would be certain that the law is different for those in the north compared to westerners.

The tweets read;

“If Nigerian forests belong to herdsmen, as Bodejo claims, then why are Miyetti Allah not dragging Sambisa forest? Why are they more interested in Ondo’s forest? It is because they are afraid of Boko Haram. Ondo need their own counter force to put Miyetti Allah in check

“I will never, ever, support an attack on herdsmen or any other Nigerian citizens.  However, if Kano has the right to regulate alcohol, then Ondo and Oyo must have the same right to regulate herdsmen. If #Buhari imposes state of emergency in Oyo, he will be beating drums of war!

“Herdsmen have been killing left, right, and centre in Kaduna, and General #Buhari never imposed a state of emergency there. If @MBuhari dares impose a state of emergency on Oyo or Ondo, then we will know that there is one law for Kaduna and Kano, and a different one for others!

“When Amotekun started, the #Buhari admin called it illegal. Yet, Kano has Hisbah and it is not illegal? When Kano destroyed Igbo people’s businesses on the accusation that they sold alcohol, @GarShehu kept mute. When @RotimiAkeredolu chose to regulate herdsmen, he became a parrot

“Those that gave Igbos quit notices were invited to Kaduna Government House. I thought #Buhari said ‘I belong to everybody and belong to nobody’? If you must arrest, let it be equal. Arrest Igbo quit notice givers. Arrest Miyetti Allah President who said Nigeria belongs to herders”

See tweets below;



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