“I want a virgin as a wife, She must be from Israel must be related to Jesus” Kenneth Aguba reveals

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  • Veteran Nigerian Actor Kenneth Aguba has dropped his choice after rejecting Nigerian Ladies who declared their love for him
  • This comes after he was given a House by OPM when News of him being homeless went viral

Nigerian Veteran Actor Mr Kenneth Aguba who was once homeless but now has a roof under his head is said to have rejected the Nigerians ladies who declared love for him after it was announced that a Wife will soon be looked for him.

According to the Actor, He wants a Wife from the holy Land of Israel to marry and that he wants one from the tribe of Judah. He claim his wife must also be a Virgin. His choice has sparked a lot of controversies with some asking if its real or he is just joking around.

Mr Kenneth Aguba made headlines a couple of days ago when news of him being homeless surfaced online. Nigerians took pity on him with some calling out the Actors Guild for neglecting one of their own