“I was attacked spiritually by a friend from the Asakaa group” Yaw Tog opens up

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Ghanaian Musician Yaw Tog has revealed how he was attacked spiritually by a friend from his very own Asakaa group. The musician has been off music for sometime now after giving us back to back hit songs. He claim he was spiritually attacked by one of his friends from his group

Whiles talking in an interview, Yaw Tog claim he couldnt believe it when he found that his own friend was behind his attack, He claim all he could do was pray and leave the rest to God since he couldnt fight him Physically. In his words, he said: “The person decided to fight me, I didnt expect it. It was something that really hit me. It was a big blow for me, but I decided to stay claim, pray about it and make my music because I cannot fight the person.”

“I feel like at that time I was too you for my kind of progress, I have been through a lot but I am okay now. I was young, I took things for granted. But now I am growing and learning things. You need to go through different stages before you see them. I will say life is a journey,You have to meet different things so you can be solid. I have been praying since day one but now its 10times more. I pray the least chance I get”