‘I Was Born Into A Very Poor Home’ – Ifu Ennada Reveals

by - 2 mins

Actress Ifu Ennada has shockingly revealed that she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth growing up as a child.

The actress in a post on social media sadly revealed that her brother passed on in the village because her family couldn’t afford proper healthcare.

The actress made this sad revelation about her childhood while flaunting her skinny looking self indicating how she was dying of hunger.

“In my old picture I was dried up from starvation, not sickness, pure starvation, but you can see the smile on my face and the ipad in my hand – a sign that Hope was/is still alive and that I was still working. I was born with “no spoon” at all and moved back to the village twice when we couldn’t afford to live in Lagos anymore.

“It was in the village I helplessly watched my younger brother die in front of me because we were so poor we couldn’t afford good healthcare… I call myself “Ifu Ennada”, which means “Nothing is Impossible with God”. I do not take God’s Grace for granted and will always have Faith in Him, no matter how things get or how many times I cry,” she added.