I was paid Ghc5 and Malt the 3 days I was on set – Caleb Nii Boye

Caleb Nii Boye, who can be described as a disappointed actor narrates his story on the treatment meted out to him when he first began his acting career.

His comments come on the back of recent uproar in the film making industry in Ghana over movie producers’ failure to pay actors and actresses. Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo asked that he be paid by movie producers who owe him a substantial amount of money after he had featured in their movies.

His comments had brought our many skeletons that were hidden in the cupboard as many actors and actresses rose in support of Kofi’s assertion and are beginning to share their own stories and ordeals.

Caleb Nii Boye, during an interview on Showbiz Live on Live91.9FM, said he was given a Malt drink after three days on set. He added that another producer also gave him GHS5.00 as a form of remuneration after he had traveled to Kasoa for a movie shoot which proved futile.

Another sad story shared by Caleb was that he had traveled to a place for a movie role. According to him, he went three hours earlier only to find no one at the location. He had to wait at a secluded area until the crew members arrived only for him to finish with the movie and not to be paid for work done.

Caleb said that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for him as far his desire to work as an actor was concerned. He is now a broadcast journalist with the EIB Network specifically STARR FM.



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