I Will Be President of Ghana Even With My Dreadlocks-Quamina Mp

A president with dreadlocks is one that is very hard to come by but artist Quamina Mp is of a strong believe that he will be the first ever to set such a record.

The rapper in an interview with Mzgee stated that he will further his education to enable him pursue his dream of becoming a president.

“I’m gonna go back to school soon. I’ve said I’ll be president. Without school, I cannot be president so I’ll go back and study, he said”.

According to the rapper he is aware that his dreadlocks will affect his chances of becoming a president but he also knows that there is nothing wrong with dreadlocks.

He added that presidency is not about looks but about how a person thinks and what the person can do.

“Oh yeah. But there is nothing wrong with the dreadlocks. [Though there’s never been a president with dreadlocks], that doesn’t mean someone with dreadlocks can’t be a president. Presidency is not about looks; it’s about how you think and what you can do.”

Quamin Mp dropped out of the University because of financial challenges.



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