“I Will Never Forgive My Dad For Naming Me Martha!” South African Man Laments.

A South African man named @arthyy_m on Twitter has lamented bitterly of how he hated the fact that he was named after his peternal grandmother.

According to him, his dad named him ‘Martha’ which was the name of his late grandmother. He also said that even though he loves his father, he can never forgive him for giving him such a name.

The young man took to Twitter Monday, November 30 to express this feeling and it has since sparked conversations online.

He wrote;

“I love my dad but I’ll never forgive him for naming me Martha. Like I get it you loved your mom but I’m a boy dude??”

Thousands of Twitter users have related to his plight, many others have console him, others found it very funny.

Some reactions read;

@Mbakayi11 wrote;

“My ex colleague is Solomon and she’s asked her parents why they did this to her and they laugh 😂”

@selokelamokgawa wrote;

“My stupid parents named me Millicent, when I did my ID the Home Affairs people laughed at me but at the end they changed Millicent to Vincent, I will never forgive my parents. Never!!!”

@gumalethu wrote;

“I know a Petronella. We used to call him Pat until  we graduated for this other certificate and when they handed it over to him they said it out Loud. He didn’t stand up and they kept on calling him until another guy came to drag him 😂😂”

See tweets below;



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