I Will Start Paying Tithes Again If Pastors Cook Jollof With It-Actress Ifemeludike

Nollywood actress Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has opined that she will start paying tithes again if pastors begin to provide food and healthcare for their congregation.

According the actress in a post on Instagram pastors use Bible verse to manipulate their congregation to pay their tithes but refuse to use the same Bible to play their part in the lives of their congregation.

In a post on Instagram she wrote; ”I will start paying tithe again when pastors use tithe money to provide food and healthcare to congregants as instructed in malachi 3;8-10… How can you use that verse to manipulate people to pay up, but then you refuse to play your part as instructed in same verse… The economy gets worse by the day, government has failed woefully and the church won’t even support their members.

”Every Sunday long sermon, no reaching out, no rice , no soft drinks, not even common pure water to cool down the spirit… MBA! I no pay again, I’d rather visit hospitals, motherless homes, children on the streets etc to share my tithe… our God does not promote hunger and poverty, Even christ provided food when he was on earth.
until pastors start obeying malachi 3:10, my tithes will go to the poor on the street!!!”


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