“I will sue him at the Traditional Court for Impregnating my daughter and disgracing my father” Dad of funny face’s baby mama speaks out

A US based Ghanaian man identified as the father of the baby mama of Ghanaian Comedian Funny Face, Vanessah and according to him he has not met the comedian despite his daughter having a set of twins with his daughter.

According to the man identified as Jah Wizdom, ever since his daughter gave birth to the Twins, he has been expecting the comedian to come home and perform the necessary marriage rite but he hasn’t showed up not.

In the Akan Tradition, a man pays a fine in the form of cash to the family of the woman he impregnated out of wedlock

In the tradition, the man pays the family an amount of money to the family of the woman he impregnated out of wedlock which is known in our native language as “Nkwasiabuo Sika: so the family wouldn’t feel cheated.

Speaking in an Interview with the Blaq Pen, Jah Wizdom claim he doesnt know funny face and has never met him before “I dont know him, I haven’t met him before”

He also accused Funny Face of Physically assaulting Vanessah and chasing her out of his house.

Jah Wisdom happens to be an uncle of the late dancehall songstress Ebony Reigns and he has threaten to drag funny face to the chief’s palace for taking advantage of his daughter, disgracing his family ans assaulting her.

“As a father, I will sue him in the Chief’s Palace for the stupid things he has done to my daughter. I wont sue him at the law court for any delay, I will sue him in the chief’s palace to be called in front the elders to answer question” He said.

“She is even pregnant for him again and yet he comes on social media to disgrace her. She can give birth any moment from now. As a family we need to teach him a lesson that my daughter is from a family and if her knows what is coming his way, he wont be misbehaving” Vanessa’s father said

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