‘I wish to do Gospel Music but I cant stop fornicating ” Queen Haizel

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Ghanaian Songstress Queen Haizel has revealed the shocking reason why she cannot be a Gospel Musician

She is popularly known for how she dresses raunchy on social media. She made the headlines after News came out that she was dead which turned out to be false

According to her, she choose to do Dancehall Music because she cannot stop fornicating

In an interview with Foster Romanus on eTV, she revealed that she really want to do Gospel music but a lot of things are preventing her from doing so

“I could but I wouldn’t. Its not like I dont like God but I feel like when I do Gospel, I am not suppose to Fornicate and do other minor things but If I do gospel, I will still be doing those things and it will be like I am deceiving God and Myself” she said