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I Won’t Date A Ghanaian Man- Because They Are Broke-Says Ella Mensa

Ella Mensa

Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah who was alleged to have slept with a man on a plane and have dated a lot of married men has disclosed that she won’t date any Ghanaian man because they are broke guys.

According to the actress, Ghanaian men are all her brothers and the majority of them are jobless and also kiss too much adding that her target is to date, American men.

When asked whether or not she has found one of the American men, she responded in the affirmative and revealed that he is rich because broke guys can’t see her not to talk of approaching her.

Ella made this revelation in an interview with Delay on the ‘Delay Show’.

Ella noted that dating a poor man will be very difficult to pay tithe at church so every lady needs a man who will add icing to her cake.

Ella also shocking revealed that she is not naturally fair but is now light skin because of injections.

Watch the video below.

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