I wont stop acting as Balck Jesus – Mmebusem

by - 2 mins

Justice Hymns, the famous Kumawood actor has voiced his gratitude to the numerous figures who seem to speak against his art on a daily basis.

For more than six months now, he has been seen almost everywhere using different yet similar viewpoints to sell his craft on various platforms. The constant representation here is the comedy, proverbial phrases and the use of Biblical quotations and situations in airing his short videos whereas the different viewpoints refer to the diverse locations, people and scenarios used to tell his stories to his audience.

His popular name, Mmebusem (Proverbs) now seems to be in hibernation as he has gained a new name that resonates with what he does lately. He is now commonly referred to as ‘Ghana Jesus.’

When Mmebusem was asked how he feels about the criticisms raised against him and if he is thinking of backing down, he said “I don’t have any plans of stopping. Even the Jesus they are fighting for when he came on earth, these same people criticized him. When he cast out demons, they said he used the power of Beelzebul, so I have no intention of stopping. They are rather motivating me.

“After all, this is my personal ministry, I am ministering to the people of God as they are doing, so, they should leave me to do the work of God.”