I would still slap Kelvynboy even if he brings the police-Man behind assault.

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It was reported earlier that musician Kelvynboy had suffered an attack in Ashaiman when he went for the grand opening of Electroland.

Kelvynboy latter accused his former boss Stonebwoy of being behind the attack and this caused a lot of heat on social media with many users blasting him for accusing Stonebwoy wrongly.

The gentleman who gave Kelvynboy some slaps known as Bossu Kelly has finally spoken on what happened and his reason for his action.

According to him Kelvynboy is an arrogant and ungrateful person. Adding that Ashaiman was not a place for such individuals.

Adding that even if Kelvynboy brings more security personnel who would still receive more slaps and things would be worse than the first one.

Watch video below.