“I wrote to the government twice for a peaceful discussion but they didnt mind me so dont blame me or the violence” Leader of Western Togoland finally speaks from his Hideout

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The founder and leader of the popular western Togo land group, Charles Kormi Kudjordjie has spoken for the first time from his hideout.

In a post on his official Facebook Page, Papavi as he is popular called addressed the violent activities carried out by some of the people who claim to be members of the western Togo land separatist group.

According to Papavi, He wrote to the government on Two occasions for a peaceful talk but they didnt pay any attention to him, so he doesnt know why they are putting the blame on him now that there are violent activities.

He claim his group has been very peaceful since it establishment on 1994 and there have never been any court charge or been violent before. He further advised the security agencies to carry out a proper investigation and stop arresting innocent people.

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