Ibrah One Reveals 3 Steps Codvid-19 Was Created; Says Its A Man Made Disease

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The novel coronavirus has gradually become one of the deadliest diseases the world has very experienced due to the rate at which it is affecting the entire universe economically, physically and emotionally.

Since its emergence in the world in 2019 it has claimed many lives as well as made many sick and disabled. Still in 2021 the world is battling with coronavirus.

Ghanaian business mogul Ibrah One has said that the most fearful disease in the world now is man made. According to Ibrah One codvid-19 was created in 3 steps. He made this 3 steps known in a post on his social media handle.

He stated that the first step has to do with covering of nose and mouth which to him doesn’t make sense.

For the second step he stated that after wearing the nose mask for long a person automatically get an infection called codvid-19. Also for the third step he said the vaccine for codvid-19 is a 5G sim card which works with the new iPhone 12. He added that it helps in a person can’t easily tracked and killed.

Although Ibrah One made all these steps known he didn’t not indicate where and how he came out with the afore mentioned.