Identify of the Police Officer with beard and ear Piercing finally revealed

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Yesterday, the 23rd of December 2020, a picture of a young man cloud in a police attire with a beard and ear ring piercing went viral.

A lot of Netizes complained about the fact that he doesnt look responsible enough to be in the Service, a lot of people tried to find out his Identity by making the picture go viral and alerting the police.

Trust the Internet to give you information as this morning the 24th of December 2020, the young man has been identified.

According to the source, when he joined the police service is not known yet but he is the direct brother of a newly elected NPP MP. The MP’s name was given as John Peter Amewu.

Revealing his identity of Twitter, Promise Dumevi wrote: He is Edem Amewu,brother to Peter Amewu,and based in Ho.When he joined the police force is not known… stay tuned for more.